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Japanese Style Cleaning

The Japanese form of Professionalism is Cleanliness.

extremely detail-oriented.

At an early age cleanliness is introduced in the educational system.

A clean place is an open space to learn, work, and grow.

Therefore a clean environment is representative of oneself. 

This means cleanliness is ingrained in the way things and presented and their functionality KiKi's standard for cleanliness is unmatched.

Like a clean home, a clean and refreshing workspace is key to more serenity and productivity.

Our Services

Our Services

Floor Mop



We offer contract based 

cleaning services for all sizes of 

commercial units and buildings across New York City.



Moving into a new place? Just need your living space to keep fresh?

We got you covered.

Our cleaners will leave your home feeling fresh and clean.

Our Process

Our Process


Property Inspection

We make our estimate based on our inspection the property and clients’ requests.


Cleaning List Confirmation

We create a cleaning checklist and confirm with our clients. Then, we manage our staff and their schedules. 


The Cleaning Begins!

We send professionally-trained staff to you, and have them write a weekly report in order to constantly improve our service. Our management team will have inspections regularly to make sure the service is done properly.

3 Reasons Why to Hire
a Professional Kiki Cleaning Service

​Peace of Mind​
Our priority in life is the happiness and safety of our family and loved ones. What makes a family happier than a clean comfortable space to spend time together. No more worries of who’s cleaning what tonight! Your other half can kick up their feet and enjoy your company/ family time in a professionally clean house. No Mess. No Stress.

Reoccurring Clean​
When those unexpected guests arrive at your door you are confident in the state of your home. When that potential client needs to make a surprise office visit you’re already prepared for the visit without lifting a finger. Create a schedule that works for you and your budget and watch the stress melt away. What’s there to fear with a regularly cleaned property. With shiny floors and sparkling toilets you are ready to greet that unexpected guest and wow that potential client.


Saves Time & Effort

Who has time to create and maintain a cleaning schedule? Life is constantly happening, it's time to permanently take one thing off the to-do list. Leave the worry of when and how the property is cleaned to the professionals. KiKi prides itself on making sure the property is immaculate and beautiful. Procrastinate the day away and still end it with a clean and comfy space to relax in.




Starting at $150/weekly

The cost can vary depending on the situation of the location. 

Contact us for ​FREE​ estimate for a home or commercial cleaning!

Response time in ​1​ to ​2 Business​ days!

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Contact Us

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